stacked rocks

A Different Perspective

Being at Tall Timber has removed me from the constant barrage of the media that comes at me unbidden through my phone and my computer. It has helped me get distance from stimuli that make me feel constantly invaded, given me uninterrupted time with those who matter most, offered me the ability to initiate contact – not merely get pinged at by everyone and everything that would demand my attention.

icicles hanging through moss
Snow above melting through moss and forming icicles below

In a world where I can feel torn from limb to limb, here it is easier to re-member myself,

Who I choose to be,

Who I choose to connect with,

What I choose to focus on.

Self-autonomy is a powerful thing; governing one’s own mind, body, and spirit; choosing who and what has influence over me.

It’s simple, really, yet profoundly difficult.

What do I want for myself and my own?

It is my decision but in a culture that functions like an angry, hungry, tired toddler, it takes concerted effort to silence the demands, retreat, and look closer and deeper.

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