A Year of Creative Quarantine

It’s been an incredible year – fast paced, with tectonic plates shifting constantly, as the whole world has adapted to living in a pandemic. At the beginning of quarantine, I hardly expected that there would be so much growth under such limitations.

H.D. September head-shot

Introducing… !!! …(drum roll please)

Hestia Dawn September – I’ve made a legal name change, so for whoever is wondering “who the heck is…!%^&^%*(!!” It’s ME! I’m happy to tell the full story to anyone who takes me out for a virtual cuppa’ joe or glass of wine!

On February 11, I had a magical Name Day celebration with friends who’ve walked alongside me on this journey. It was officiated by Dimitra, a dear former student who shared these powerful sentiments:

“As William Shakespear once asked, what is in a name? I would say, a lot!… Hestia is the ancient goddess of the hearth, of hospitality, and the home…A hearth fire might be deliberately, ritually extinguished at need…And as such, its re-lighting is a renewal…We experience this renewal of light every day when night and darkness retreat and we hail the aurora, or the Dawn, which drives away darkness and brings a new day.”

The Tale of Miss Beatrix Potter goes virtual!

After a year of virtual writing, composing, work-shopping, and a fall school production, The Tale of Miss Beatrix Potter is ready to take center stage! The full perusal packet, including script with sample recordings, is ready for schools and theatres looking for a quality, easy-to-produce virtual musical. This musical is also available as a stage production for when theatres open again.

Find the Perusal Information Packet here!

Coming soon! Virtual Package for The Truth About Trolls

Available for getaways and parties!

After four and a half months of living and traveling in The Love Van, we were able to settle down north of Seattle, freeing up the van for others to enjoy. The Love Van is available for overnight rentals as well as hourly party rentals.

I can’t wait to see what this next year will bring!

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