elementary school students performing Truth About Trolls

Arts-based Curriculum Development

The Detention Lottery

An interactive play about the immigration court system inside detention centers with accompanying middle and high school social studies curriculum, including drama games and kinesthetic activities to enhance engagement with your students. Comes with complete lesson plans aligned with Common Core Standards.

Beatrix Potter – a musical

A children’s musical currently in development, in consultation with a K-3 English Language Arts certificated teacher and a K-5 Science and Art certificated teacher. Stay tuned for more!

Truth About Trolls

A musical in four different lengths (suitable for Kindergarten through adult) with accompanying cross-curricular study guides. The curriculum guides emphasize the links between the arts and Race & Equity, Literature & Archetypes, Science, Math, etc. Can be used by schools wanting to stage a musical with minimal performing arts staff or resources.

What kids say about being Trolls:

middle school kids reading curriculum

“I’ve done a lot of musicals before but this is the first one that meant something, that had something important to say. I want to do more shows like Trolls.”

“It was really exciting to be part of writing the show. I’ve never gotten to do that before.”