Beatrix Potter Wins New Works Residency!

I’m currently composing the music for The Tale of Beatrix Potter, a children’s musical, with book and lyrics by Thera Langham. We entered a New Works Residency with Dandylyon Drama and WON! We’ll be workshopping it in a 3-week, online summer musical theatre camp in July…(online musical theatre camp – that’ll be a first for me!)

Not having been a huge fan of Peter Rabbit as a kid, I have been surprised to learn how specific Beatrix Potter’s vision was for her books (“little books for little paws”); that she did all her own illustrations; how much she fought to get her work published to those specs; how she ended up self-publishing her first book because the publishing houses wouldn’t accept her manuscript; how the same publishing house, after she self-published her first book, came back and begged to be her publisher;…..AND that her book series saved that publishing house from bankruptcy.

Now that’s a woman who didn’t need any knight in shining armor and who wouldn’t take “no” for an answer!

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2 thoughts on “Beatrix Potter Wins New Works Residency!”

    1. Thanks so much, Kirsten. And now we’re being asked to submit it to a New Play Slam at the conference I’m presenting at this summer! Hope you and the family are well and enjoying the outdoors this summer. Solomon reached out to see about a game night. I figured you were in the mountains somewhere and out of reach. YAY!

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