Autumn beauty

I was rushing somewhere – I don’t even remember where – harried by my to-do list and the toxic news, when I was stopped in my tracks.  Pom-poms were waving over my head, as if it was Arbor Day’s remake of Legally Blonde, ridiculously cheerful.  I couldn’t help but stop, and look, and smile, look some …

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Post-Show Blues

I struggled to sleep last night.  After the incredible energy push to begin our Tour – the adrenaline of enthusiastic receptions at churches in Edmonds, followed by student meetings and a warm, lifelong-friends-creating time in Vancouver, our next destination was disappointing at best.  I was appalled when we witnessed a hateful, political debate in a …

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The Least of These

Last night I went to a church service where there was a movie shown espousing effective Christian evangelism.  In the lobby immediately afterwards, a heated debate ensued about not letting Syrian refugees into the U.S. because of the terrorist threat.  Appalled by the hostile and accusatory language spoken by church staff and volunteers alike, I …

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