Not too old to start dancing

I just got out of a meeting where a 23-year-old Malawian woman asked me, “So I’m not too old to start dancing?!?”

Saturday will be an exhilarating day at Dzaleka with refugee youth from up to 20 different African countries.  The theme is Identity, a critical issue for kids who are far from family and home and often have been born in the refugee camp.  I’ll be working with a hip-hop artist who nearly flipped a lid when he heard my choice, Aretha Franklin singing “A Deeper Love”; and speaking of loves, I’m choreographing/improvising with 8 Malawian dancers, the classic swing jazz number, Gene Krupa’s Sing Sing Sing!

Go figure, 150 African performers and workshop attendees . . . and me!, a 40’something white chick . . . gotta love it!

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