Love painted on a van

The Love Boat

Remember the silly television show with the smarmy, Vegas-style theme song? Today’s events inspire me to sing like an Italian off my balcony, though to spare my 13-year-old son’s self-esteem, I’m resisting the temptation.

With COVID-19 school closures, all of my income this spring evaporated. Our apartment lease expires on June 1 and as I looked over our options, I realized that it would cost about the same amount in rent and utilities over the summer, to purchase a van from Escape Campervan. We rented one in January and loved getting away into nature for a few days.

When I put out word about our situation to a circle of trusted friends, a couple of them (shout out to you know who you are!), offered to co-sign a loan, bringing this idea within reach.

So I’m delighted to let you know that one week from today, Solomon and I will be in Los Angeles, picking up our van. We’ll then drive the coast route back to Seattle, enjoying more of that restorative time in nature! Solomon will be able to keep schooling and I’ll be able to keep working, and of course, we’ll stay in touch with our friends and family by Zoom.

As I mentioned in a blog post about gratitude in March, I couldn’t have “made this happen” on my own, and I don’t deserve such a gift any more than anyone else. But I’m blessed and grateful and happy to share our experiences with you.

6 thoughts on “The Love Boat”

    1. Thanks so much! We may have to have a camper-van-bumper-party this summer! (from 6 feet away, of course!)

  1. Margaret O'Donnell

    Sounds like a great adventure, Hestia and Solomon! May you find much to enjoy, to delight you, and to keep your hearts and minds open.

    1. Thank you my friend. What an honor to work more closely with you on The Detention Lottery and to get to know you better. I will take your blessing and run with it! (or perhaps I’ll roll!) I am excited to collaborate further with you on our presentation this Summer!

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